Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Bed in a Box

Do you go over to sleepovers and have to carry a blow up bed?
Well now you don’t have to with the new ‘Bed in a Box.’ You just have to open it and out comes a bed. No more wasting your breath blowing up a bed when you have the new ‘Bed in a Box’. A little box that can fit in your handbag and anywhere else. It is also good to go camping.
But thats not all.
You can leave your blankets and pillow on it so the next time you use it it will still be there for you.You can leave lots of stuff on it and it will still fold up and come out the same.

And the good thing is that if it catches on fire it won’t burn or pop. So get it now. It’s only $1.50 and if you get two you get the third one free. If you are younger than six then you can get it FREE!